• Good at problem solving, many people with dyslexia are known for having sudden leaps of insight that solve problems with an unorthodox approach.
  • Capable of thinking outside the box
  • Seeing ‘the whole picture’
  • Have the ability to see how things connect to form complex systems, and to identify similarities among multiple things.
  • Strong visual thinking skills such as being able to visualise a structure from plans.
  • Capable of manipulating 3D objects in their mind.
  • Can be very creative and good at practical tasks
  • Good verbal skills and social interaction.

The types of career opportunities people with dyslexia can take advantage are too numerous to list however, many dyslexic people are good at architecture, engineering, science, design (the spectrum of creative arts) and social care. They can also be good at lateral thinking and often make good managers in people-related occupations. Research has also indicates that one in three American entrepreneurs have dyslexia.

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